Who are travel consultants:

Travel Consultants enhance your travel experiencesYour travel experience is better when you use a travel consultant. Whether you’re looking for a sunny beach escape, immersion in a particular culture or just time away with family, travel consultants are experts in creating an entire vacation experience tailored to your interests.

We appreciate that your needs are unique. We listen to your interests and desires and then research options on your behalf through our personal connections with travel suppliers. Travel consultants have first-hand experience, are knowledgeable, certified, and experienced,which means you "travel better" when you plan your vacation with us.destination, or just time away with family, travel consultants are experts in creating an entire vacation experience tailored to your interests.

Some travel consultants concentrate their specialty on particular regions of the world or types of vacations (like cruises) or special interest travel, like weddings and honeymoons or wellness travel, so when seeking a travel consultant ask if they have a particular area of focus. In our “find a travel consultant” section , you’ll find many such designations to help you narrow your search.

Travel Consultants ListenTravel Consultants have first-hand experienceTravel Consultants are experts in travelTravel Consultants are a phone call awayTravel Consultants truly care

In addition, professional travel consultants often become members of the National Association of Career Travel Agents (NACTA) and/or, the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). Doing so means they’re part of a larger professional organization that adheres to a code of ethics and professional standards. This benefits you, the traveler, because they have access to the most up-to-date travel information and stay informed about travel trends. They are “in the know” about the latest hotel openings, hot places to shop, and restaurants to experience. They work hard to stay current by attending educational seminars, networking with their counterparts in the travel industry, and traveling to destinations so they have the information they need to put together your ultimate travel experience.

Travel consultants are the experts in travel; you don’t want to make a mistake when planning your vacation. Instead, use the expertise of a professional travel consultant, who has the personal connections to plan your dream vacation. Not only can travel consultants help you plan the perfect trip, they’re just a phone call away if something goes wrong. Travel consultants truly care that you have an experience of a lifetime and will help you live your vacation experience, something the Internet can’t do. Click here to find a NACTA travel consultant now.


Insider Tip: A Quick Guide to travel industry acronyms

NACTA: National Association of Career Travel Agents
ASTA: American Society of Travel Agents
CLIA: Cruise Lines International Association
CTA: Certified Travel Associate
CTC: Certified Travel Counselor
CTIE: Certified Travel Industry Executive
ACC: Accredited Cruise Counselor
MCC: Master Cruise Counselor
ECC: Elite Cruise Counselor